Frida Hyvönen

Frida HyvönenFrida Hyvönen is an incisive, piano-based Swedish songwriter with a passionate bite and a voice like an icicle that cuts deep. Recorded in the legendary Atlantis studio in Stockholm, her debut record Until Death Comes has a raw, first-person intimacy not dissimilar to Joni Mitchell’s Blue or Carole King’s Tapestry, but with an extra edge of toughness.

Loved in her home country, she’s is streadily making waves around the world, touring in support of country-mates Jens Lekman, Jose Gonzalez and The Concretes (who originally released Until Death Comes in Scandinavia on their own Licking Fingers imprint). in the US, Frida’s music is released by American mega-indie Secretly Canadian (home to Antony & The Johnsons, Jens Lekman and many others).

Frida also contributed the soundtrack to contemporary Swedish dance piece Pudel (translation – Poodle) which stars nine humans and 5 performing poodles. Pudel was released on CD in Sweden only by Licking Fingers in 2007.

Now, Frida is releasing her second album Silence Is Wild, a lush and full-bodied counterpart to the piano based minimalism of Until Death Comes. With lavish arrangements of strings, synths, backing vocals and drums, Frida’s songs soar to new heights.

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Frida Hyvönen Australian tour!

Chapter Music is excited to announce the first Australian tour by Swedish song siren Frida Hyvönen!
It’s hard to put into words just how good Frida Hyvönen (pronounced Hee-Vo-Nen) is. On record, her songs cut to the core, slicing through all emotional barriers to pierce your heart and transfix it. And live, she is hypnotic, majestic, a truly arresting [...]

Silence Is Wild CD

By   Released November 2008

Written during a year of isolation in a tiny town in Sweden’s far north, Frida Hyvönen’s second album Silence Is Wild is a lush concoction of piano, strings, choirs, and synths. This is in stark contrast to her debut Until Death Comes, winner of the 2006 Stockholm Prize for music, which was lean and percussive, [...]

($10.00 AUD inc. postage)

Until Death Comes CD

By   Released March 2007

Frida Hyvönen’s sparse, piano-based songs like I Drive My Friend and I Was A Serene Teenage Child immediately involve you in a world filled with brittle but powerful emotions. Until Death Comes is the kind of record a high school tough chick would make – hip thrust out, smoking a cigarette, but wearing dark glasses [...]

($15 AUD inc. postage)