TenniscoatsTokyo’s Tenniscoats centre around the duo of Saya and Taskashi Ueno, a married couple who have been making music since 2000, and together run the highly regarded Japanese label Majikick Records. In that time, Tenniscoats have released three studio recordings, 2001’s Theme Of Tenniscoats, 2002’s The Ending Theme and 2004’s We Are Everyone.

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All Aboard CD

By   Released June 2012

For more than 15 years, Tokyo, Japan’s Tenniscoats have been keyboardist/vocalist Saya and guitarist Takashi Ueno. The duo have brought equal parts meditative intensity and whimsical humour to a series of acclaimed psychedelic albums, beginning with 2000’s The Theme Of Tenniscoats.

But Tenniscoats have rarely released music without collaborating with others. Most famously, they teamed up [...]

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Live Wanderus CD

By   Released October 2005

Many Tenniscoats fans say that the band’s meditative intensity has never quite been captured in the studio. It is for this reason that Chapter Music is releasing a compilation of their live work. Live Wanderus (named in Saya’s imaginative English to reflect the words Wander, Wonder, Wondrous and Us) [...]