WoelvHello. My name is Geneviève and I am a French-speaking person from Québec in Canada. When I was a teenager, living in a suburb of Montréal and going to the city a lot, my friends and I played loud music in their basement. I would write songs about obscene things, I was the singer because I couldn’t play guitar fast enough. I listened to a lot of politically inclined music with yelling in it, most notoriously British bands like SUBHUMANS and CRASS. Then I calmed down a little and opened up to other kinds of music from all over the world. All my life, I had drawn a lot, so I focussed on making mini-comics and books for a while. Then, one day, I wanted to make a book with a record of songs to complement the drawings. Because I have very difficult and intricate thought processes, as well as very precise needs, I ended up writing all the songs myself. Now I sing songs openly under the name WOELV. I will always sing in French because I wouldn’t feel honest otherwise. I now live in the Pacific Northwest region of North-America and I have started to blast my punk tapes again.