Danny & the Parkins Sisters

“Danny & the Parkins Sisters were a truly singular blend of irritating, grating, interesting and meaningful.” – Bruno DeSmartass, Flipper Chapter Music is proud to resurrect from undeserved obscurity the scratchy beatnik art-punk stylings of early 80s San Francisco trio Danny & the Parkins Sisters. Surrounded by the classic SF punk sounds of the Dead Kennedys, Pink Section, Flipper and [...]

Dick Diver

Melbourne deep pop thinkers Dick Diver have triumphed in 2013 with second album Calendar Days, the follow-up to 2011 debut New Start Again. Warm, wide and inviting, Calendar Days is a magnificent Australian pop album, hailed as one of the year’s finest to date. The album’s success has seen the band shine at Golden Plains [...]

Essendon Airport

Formed in 1978 as a mimimalist duo of guitarist Robert Goodge and keyboardist David Chesworth, Essendon Airport released their landmark 7” EP Sonic Investigations Of the Trivial on Chesworth’s Innocent Records in 1979. Chapter Music reissued Sonic Investigations way back in 2002, as a CD including second single Talking To Cleopatra (with vocalist Anne Cessna) [...]

Fabulous Diamonds

Fabulous Diamonds are Melbourne duo Nisa Venerosa and Jarrod Zlatic. Forming mid last decade, they play a brand of spacious, sensual art rock, full of vintage electronics, detached vocals and pounding, tom-heavy drums. Their first self-titled album emerged in 2008, released in the US on revived and revered label Siltbreeze. Soon after the band took off [...]

Frida Hyvönen

Frida Hyvönen is an incisive, piano-based Swedish songwriter with a passionate bite and a voice like an icicle that cuts deep. Recorded in the legendary Atlantis studio in Stockholm, her debut record Until Death Comes has a raw, first-person intimacy not dissimilar to Joni Mitchell’s Blue or Carole King’s Tapestry, but with an extra edge [...]

Geoffrey O’Connor

Geoffrey O’Connor, frontman for Australian euphoric pop sprites Crayon Fields, is stepping out from behind his previous solo moniker Sly Hats to stand exposed to the world as a solo artist under his own name. Crayon Fields released their unruffled, dreamy debut Animal Bells in 2006. That album’s rapturous popular and critical reception (Pitchfork, for one, [...]

Guy Blackman

This is my life… I started Chapter Music in Perth, Western Australia in 1992, at the age of 17, with the cassette compilation Bright Lights, Small City, after releasing three issues of a Syd Barrett-inspired fanzine named Chapter 24. I have played in the bands Sulk (1992-95, see CH2, CH6, CH12 and CH44), Sleepy Township (1994-2002, see [...]

Hit The Jackpot

Adelaide trio Hit The Jackpot play simple, noisy pop songs, swapping instruments and sharing vocals. They formed as a two piece in early 2003, comprising young couple Jess Thomas and Kynan Lawlor. With a sparse but dynamic lineup of drums and guitar they played just a handful of shows before supporting Sonic Youth on their [...]

Jonny Telafone

Jonny Telafone is a Melbourne-based bedroom auteur. Unconcerned with genre boundaries, he moves between slick R’n’B sex jams, outsider acoustic folk, and apocalyptic sci-fi mini-epics. On stage, Jonny presents his songs like a sedated Henry Rollins, but the recorded works are nuanced, sophisticated and infused with a bleak humour. Jonny’s songs are often mesmerisingly creepy, but they [...]

Kath Bloom

Kath Bloom is a legend of folk, country, blues and avant-garde music. She has been making records since the late 70s, and has had her music featured in the movie Before Sunrise by Richard Linklater (starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy). The daughter of world-renowned oboist Robert Bloom, Kath was born and raised in New Haven, [...]