Kath Bloom & Loren Connors

Meeting in 1976 in their hometown New Haven, CT, Kath Bloom and Loren Connors formed a creative partnership that has haunted psych-folk fans ever since, releasing 6 albums of fragile avant-garde folk-blues in miniscule quantities, all of which now change hands for huge sums. At first, their performances were based on drama and improvisation, with Kath [...]


Lakes is Melbourne musician and visual artist Sean Bailey, whose musical pedigree extends from roots in mid-90s Tasmanian hardcore to Melbourne groups as notable and diverse as Ninetynine, the Vivian Girls, George W. Bush, Flesh Vs Venom and many others. Since 2002, Sean has been performing by himself or with occasional guests as Lakes, using distorted [...]

Laura Jean

Sydney-born, Melbourne-based songwriter Laura Jean is a powerful, singular voice in Australian music, renowned for her lush and pastoral folk albums Our Swan Song (2006) and Eden Land (2008). Now she is returning with third album A fool who’ll and a brand new sound. Laura has picked up a Gibson SG guitar, the same kind [...]

Maher Shalal Hash Baz

Maher Shalal Hash Baz is the oddly-named band for Japanese cult figure Tori Kudo and his wife Reiko (the name is apparently a Hebrew biblical phrase that Tori translates as “be quick if you mean to steal something”). Since the late 1970s, Tori has been a pioneering figure in Japanese punk, post-punk and avant-garde circles, [...]

New Estate

Melbourne scrap-pop wonders New Estate release their fourth album Recovery, their first for Chapter Music. As the title suggests, it’s a reinvigorated band you hear on the new album, making Recovery New Estate’s brightest, catchiest record to date. The departure of bassist Brad Cosier in 2010 saw the band undergo a period of inner contemplation, but they have re-emerged [...]


Pikelet is Evelyn Morris, a musical wunderkind raised in the outer suburbs of Melbourne who first ventured onto local stages as a hardcore-obsessed drummer, serving on sticks in such heavy-hitting Melbourne institutions as Baseball and True Radical Miracle. But a few years ago, something tickled Evelyn’s brain in a funny way and she felt compelled [...]

Primitive Calculators

Melbourne’s Primitive Calculators met as teenagers in the early 70s, growing up in the grim outer suburb of Springvale. The Velvet Underground and The MC5 were obvious heroes, but they were also inspired by lesser known bands like The Fugs, The 13th Floor Elevators and The Godz as well as the writing of obsessive rock [...]

Richard Lockwood

Richard Lockwood is best known for his work with Sydney late 60s/early 70s folk-psych outfit Tully, whose three landmark albums are in the process of being reissued on Chapter Music. Chapter also released Tully – Live At Sydney Town Hall 1969-70 in 2010. But unknown to many, Richard Lockwood did not stop writing songs or recording [...]

Sachiko Kanenobu

Sachiko Kanenobu is generally acknowledged as Japan’s first female singer-songwriter. Discovered as an precocious 18 year old in Osaka, Sachiko was signed in 1968 to Japan’s first ever independent record company, URC (Underground Record Club), who changed Japan’s musical landscape irrevocably in the late 60s and early 70s with artists like Happy End, Folk Crusaders and [...]


Futurist dub/pop duo Standish/Carlyon formed from the ashes of shadowy rock group Devastations. Debut album Deleted Scenes continues the process begun on the final Devastations album Yes, U, moving away from full-band arrangments towards submerged electronic rhythms and late-night altered states. Based in London for many years but now back in Melbourne, Standish/Carlyon have played Belgium’s [...]