Tokyo’s Tenniscoats centre around the duo of Saya and Taskashi Ueno, a married couple who have been making music since 2000, and together run the highly regarded Japanese label Majikick Records. In that time, Tenniscoats have released three studio recordings, 2001’s Theme Of Tenniscoats, 2002’s The Ending Theme and 2004’s We Are Everyone.

The Ancients

The Ancients were formed in the late 2000s by fretwizard guitarist Jon Michell after his tenure in celebrated supergroup Mum Smokes, who played a Dirty Three-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties in 2007, and whose 2009 double album Easy/House Music became an Australian underground hit. The band’s lineup has shifted around Michell over the years, but on [...]

The Apartments

Revered pop romantic Peter Milton Walsh has been the sole constant in The Apartments since the band formed in Brisbane in 1978. After a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spell in The Go-Betweens (that still inspired early Gobies B-side Don‘t Let Him Come Back and Before Hollywood track That Way), Walsh released debut EP The Return Of the [...]

The Cannanes

Formed in Sydney in the mid 80s, the Cannanes are Australian DIY pop royalty. Chapter is lucky enough to have been releasing Cannanes material since 1994, including the Cannanes/Sleepy Township split single in 1996, the Living the Dream album in 2000, and in 2013 their first album in over a decade, Howling At All Hours.

The Stevens

The germ of the Stevens began in 2009 when Alex Macfarlane met Travis MacDonald, after moving to Melbourne from the Central Gold- fields Region. After establishing a shared obsession for bedroom recording and favourites such as Wire, Guided by Voices, R. Stevie Moore and Flying Nun releases, they began combining their home projects. Together they [...]


Formed in late 1968, Tully the First were wild, expansive and unpredictable, their live shows now the stuff of legend. Terry Wilson (vocals), Richard Lockwood (reeds), Michael Carlos (organ), John Blake (bass) and Robert Taylor (drums) employed extended improvisation, spacious dynamics and an intuitive intensity, so impressing Australian jazz icon John Sangster that he called them “the best band in the [...]


Forming late 2008 around charismatic guitarist/vocalist Marty Frawley (son of much-missed Paul Kelly & the Dots member Maurice Frawley) and bassist Rick Milovanovic, Twerps have quickly risen to become one of Melbourne’s favourite pop bands. They play their own brand of warm and incredibly infectious pop, with elements of the 80s Flying Nun sound and 90s [...]


Hello. My name is Geneviève and I am a French-speaking person from Québec in Canada. When I was a teenager, living in a suburb of Montréal and going to the city a lot, my friends and I played loud music in their basement. I would write songs about obscene things, I was the singer because [...]