Origami/Light’s Surprising Constancy Split Single

By ,   Released February 2001

Two of Melbourne’s then brightest hopes on the one single. Origami feature US ex-pat Rhonda Simmonds, once of Ninetynine, Spitboy, Full Boney etc. Before their current girls-in-the-garage incarnation they played sinuously exotic, hypnotic pop with twin female vocals. Light’s Surprising Constancy were a largely instrumental combo practising a minimalist, angular style, full of warmth and [...]
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Australian Tour 2001 7 inch

By   Released January 2001

Four songs by Stewart Anderson (of Boyracer, Empress, 555 Records) to commemorate his second Australian tour, January-March 2001. Two songs recorded by Stewart at home in 1999, two songs recorded with Pat Maley at Yo Yo studios in Olympia, Washington, late 2000. Features Jen Turrell of Rabbit In Red, and Matty Green of Boyracer. All [...]

Living The Dream CD

By   Released October 2000

The Cannanes’ 8th or 9th album in their 20+ year history found them back on an Australian label for the first time since 1989. Living The Dream is a wonderfully warm, melodic and funny album, underpinned by a newfound fidelity and technical assurance. The Cannanes are a national treasure.
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Sleepy Township / Smiley split single

By ,   Released October 2000

Japanese beat-pop magicians Smiley toured Australia in mid 2000, and struck up a firm friendship with Chapter’s one-time house-band Sleepy Township. This single is a testament to their mutual admiration. It’s a wonderful pop-cultural exchange, with both bands contributing exclusive tracks. Smiley’s tracks were recorded in Sydney during their tour.
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767 LP

By   Released October 1999

Ninetynine’s second album, released on vinyl by Chapter (with CD releases on Patsy in Australia and Endearing in Canada). Introduced by the intensely catchy tale of European touring misadventure, Woekender, 767 moves on into turbulent, dynamic and at times dissonant territory, all tied together by Laura MacFarlane’s gorgeously expressive voice. SOLD OUT!

Ninetynine/Vivian Girls Split Single

By ,   Released August 1999

Exclusive tracks from these two psychically linked Melbourne bands. The Vivian Girls’ razor sharp post-punk brought to mind Gang of Four, the Mekons or Liliput, and left only this single and an album to remember them by when they broke up in 2001. Ninetynine at this time were one of the world’s most excellent bands, [...]

Real Estate CD

By   Released July 1999

Debut full length from this spiky and romantic four piece, members of the Canannes, Sleepy Township, and the Cat’s Miaow playing behind songwriter acclaimed poet Gig Ryan, whose acerbic songwriting and melodic innovation from needs no extra assistance to make Real Estate a wonder of an album.
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Amateurism 1980-87 CD

By   Released April 1999

A compilation of 80’s recordings by Andrew Wilson and his bands The Four Gods and The Frontier Scouts. Appearances by Grant MacLennan and Lindy Morrison of the Gobetweens, David & Robert McComb of the Triffids, and other moonlighting stars. Liner notes by Robert Forster. Rediscover a neglected hero of Australian music. CD SOLD OUT – [...]

Blind As A Bat + 3 7 inch

By   Released February 1999

Four songs, one from each band member. SOLD OUT!

Buck Naked Dancing Fool 7 inch

  Released February 1999

Contains two really great discordant, bare bones pop songs, and two screamy muckaround tracks. SOLD OUT!