It’s Gus cassette

By   Released January 1995

Five songs of quintessential Australian 90s lo-fi by some of its prime purveyors. SOLD OUT!

Sporco CD

By   Released December 1994

Chapter released two full-length albums by O! in one year, and the second Sporco, was the first CD I ever released (it was 4 years before I released another one). A little slicker than the Scared Of Scary cassette but just as weird and entertaining. SOLD OUT!

Asparagus Milkshake cassette

  Released August 1994


Too Much Ash cassette

  Released April 1994


Scared Of Scary cassette

By   Released March 1994

Chapter’s first non-compilation release, from early 1994, was a cassette of amazing squiggly guitar madness from Perth’s O! including a great cover of Kraftwerk’s Pocket Calculator. SOLD OUT!

Kill Yr. Idols cassette

By   Released August 1993


Bright Lights, Small City cassette

By   Released June 1992

The cream of early 90s Perth lo-fi (and, er, Manchester and shoegazing) with bands like Mustang!, Yummy Fur, the Wooden Fische and Benji…It was a humble beginning to the label, but a beginning nonetheless. SOLD OUT!