Bum Creek CD

By   Released October 2009

Released to coincide with their appearance at Newcastle Sound Summit this month, this 100 copy only self-titled CD is a teaser before the band’s full length LP to be released on Chapter Music early in 2010. Known for their wild and transcendental live performances, in the studio Bum Creek explore slightly different territory. Subdued loping rhythms [...]
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Too Much Ash & Asparagus Milkshake CDs

By , ,   Released October 2009

A special deal on both CD reissues of Chapter Music’s seminal 1994 cassette compilations, featuring a whole host of 90s lo-fi era luminaries including the Cannanes, Minimum Chips, Small World Experience, Molasses, O! and Mustang!
($15.00 AUD inc. postage)

Asparagus Milkshake CD

By   Released October 2009

The second of Chapter Music’s classic 1994 lo-fi era compilation cassettes. Asparagus Milkshake covered more geographic territory, including tracks from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth bands such as the Cannanes, Minimum Chips, Molasses, Doublechin, Clag and New Waver. Available again on CD for the first time ever in a simple foldover sleeve with new liner [...]
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Too Much Ash CD

By   Released October 2009

Chapter Music’s seminal 1994 lo-fi cassette compilaton, the first to document the burgeoning “Love Triangle” scene that connected young DIY bands in Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth in the mid 90s. Classic recordings from early Chapter acts Molasses, Mustang!, O! and Small World Experience, with one-off gems from the likes of Bluetile Lounge, Stinky Fire Engine and [...]
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All The Pleasures Of The World CD

By   Released September 2009

Melbourne minor key pop magicians Crayon Fields announce the release of their long-awaited second album, following up their airy, chiming 2006 debut Animal Bells. After three limited edition vinyl single releases in the last 12 months, it’s finally time to marvel at the loping bass lines, swooning strings and eerie, hypnotic harmonies of All The Pleasures in its entirety. The [...]
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All The Pleasures Of The World 7 inch

By   Released August 2009

New single All The Pleasures Of The World, with its loping bass line and eerie, hypnotic harmonies. is the title track from minor key pop magicians Crayon Fields’ second album. This limited edition vinyl single comes in two cover designs, and has an exclusive B-side of the Crayon Fields covering Come Here by US [...]
($15.00 AUD inc. postage)

Loving Takes This Course 2CD

By ,   Released June 2009

A two disc tribute to the beautiful, heartrending songs of Connecticut folksinging legend Kath Bloom. Disc One features recordings of Kath’s songs by the likes of Bill Callahan, Devendra Banhart, Mark Kozelek, Josephine Foster, Scout Niblett and many more, while Disc Two features Kath’s original versions of the songs covered on Disc One. “One of the [...]
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Silence Is Wild CD

By   Released November 2008

Written during a year of isolation in a tiny town in Sweden’s far north, Frida Hyvönen’s second album Silence Is Wild is a lush concoction of piano, strings, choirs, and synths. This is in stark contrast to her debut Until Death Comes, winner of the 2006 Stockholm Prize for music, which was lean and percussive, [...]
($10.00 AUD inc. postage)

Sing The Children Over/Sand In My Shoe 2CD

By ,   Released July 2008

The first of Chapter Music’s reissue series for New Haven, CT avant-folk legends Kath Bloom & Loren Connors, who recorded together between 1978 and 1984, releasing their incredibly haunting and beautiful folk records in microscopic editions with handmade sleeves. Chapter compiles their first two studio albums, with rare and unreleased material. OUT NOW!
($15.00 AUD inc. postage)

Tout Seul Dans La Forêt En Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur? CD

By   Released June 2008

Tout Seul Dans La Forêt En Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur? is the second album by French-Canadian natural wonder Geneviève Castrée. Recorded at Dub Narcotic Studios in Olympia, Washington (run by K Records founder Calvin Johnston), Tout Seul was made by Geneviève with help from fellow K artists Phil Elverum and Karl Blau. An internationally-acclaimed visual artist [...]
($10.00 AUD inc. postage)