Chapter Music 90s lo-fi revival!

CH6-8 Too Much AsparagusChapter Music has gone back in time to resurrect two long out of print compilation cassettes from its mythical lo-fi past. Both released in 1994 in editions of around 200 copies, Too Much Ash and Asparagus Milkshake documented a pre-Myspace explosion of Australian DIY, as bands and musicians from Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane  (and occasionally Sydney) gradually reached out to make contact and develop a national network.

The cassettes feature scene creamers such as the legendary Cannanes, Small World Experience, Minimum Chips, Clag and Sleepy Township, all recorded in magnificent hissy lo-fi glory. Both tapes have been reissued in 100 copy editions, with elegant foldover covers and newly written liner notes!

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Too Much Ash & Asparagus Milkshake CDs

By , ,   Released October 2009

A special deal on both CD reissues of Chapter Music’s seminal 1994 cassette compilations, featuring a whole host of 90s lo-fi era luminaries including the Cannanes, Minimum Chips, Small World Experience, Molasses, O! and Mustang!

($15.00 AUD inc. postage)