Chapter Music/Underwater Peoples CMJ showcase!


Chapter Music is headed to New York for its first ever official showcase at CMJ, held in conjunction with awesome New Jersey label Underwater Peoples.

Chapter’s prize ponies Crayon Fields and Fabulous Diamonds, plus label founder Guy Blackman, are all playing at the showcase, along with Underwater Peoples stars Andrew Cedermark, Air Waves and La Big Vic.

To get everyone excited, Chapter and UPs have compiled a free download compilation, including exclusive tracks from Guy Blackman, Andrew Cedermark and Air Waves. Check it out

Here are all the details in stark, bullet form:

Chapter Music/Underwater Peoples CMJ showcase

Andrew Cedermark, Air Waves, Crayon Fields, Fabulous Diamonds, La Big Vic and Guy Blackman

Glasslands Gallery (289 Kent Ave, Brooklyn)

Thursday, October 21, 8pm, $5.00


1. Will Not Compete by Andrew Cedermark is off his album Moon Deluxe, this is the first time it’s been made available in any capacity besides purchasing the album.

2. Knockout by Air Waves is off the upcoming LP Dungeon Dots, this is the first time it’s been made available in any capacity. Sneak preview of our next LP.

3. Private Time is a previously unreleased Guy Blackman track, a demo from his forthcoming 2nd album.

4. Crayon Fields are about to tour the United States, their dates can be found here

5. Fabulous Diamonds will also be touring the US after the CMJ showcase, their dates can be found here

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