Crayon Fields US tour!

October 6th, 2010


Melbourne’s euphoric pop quartet Crayon Fields are incredibly excited to announce their first ever proper USA tour. After a brief trip to SXSW, LA and New York in March, the band are heading back in October and really hitting the road, playing up and down both coasts and stopping in New York for CMJ.

They’ll be playing songs from their two much-loved albums All the Pleasures Of the World and Animal Bells as well as a swag of new material. Some of the awesome bands coming along for the ride include Air Waves, Karl Blau, Magic Bullets and Reports. Check out the dates below.

They’ve also made a free tour EP available on Bandcamp, with previously vinyl-only B-side How Loved You Are, a live version of Pleasures track Graceless, a remix of All the Pleasures Of the World by Dan Block, and a surprise – a sultry cover of the Roxette classic It Must Have Been Love.

The bandcamp link is here:

Some praise from Crayon Fields’ March USA sojourn:

“They were fantastic, and can really pull off the lush, late ’60s baroque pop sound of their new album” – Brooklyn Vegan

“A lush, swooning-inducing, summery set that stunned those in attendance” – KEXP

“Lush, literate, room warming presence” – Crawdaddy

“One of our favorite discoveries from SXSW” – Hype Machine Radio


Monday October 11

San Diego – Soda Bar, 3615 El Cajon Blvd

with Heavy Hawaii, Scruffles and DJ Rchrd Oh

Wednesday October 13

Santa Barbara – Muddy Waters Cafe, 508 East Haley State

with the Spires and Watercolor Paintings

Thursday October 14

San Francisco – Rickshaw Stop, 155 Fell Street

with Magic Bullets and Old Fashioned Way

Saturday October 16

Olympia – Northern, 321 4th Ave

with Karl Blau and Generifus

Sunday October 17

Portland – Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi

with Karl Blau and Archeology

Monday October 18

Seattle – Tractor Tavern, 5213 Ballard Ave NW

with Karl Blau and Exohxo

Thursday October 21

New York – Glasslands Gallery, 289 Kent Ave Brooklyn

Chapter Music/Underwater Peoples CMJ showcase

with Fabulous Diamonds, Guy Blackman, Andrew Cedermark, Air Waves and La Big Vic

Friday October 22

New York – Rockwood Music Hall, 196 Allen St

Windish Agency CMJ showcase

with Lower Dens, First Aid Kit, Sun Airway and Apache Beat

Sunday October 24

Washington DC – Black Cat Backstage, 1811 14th St

with Family Portrait

Tuesday October 26

Philadelphia – The Fire, 412 Girrard Avenue

with Air Waves

Wednesday October 27

Boston – TT The Bears, 10 Brookline St

with Air Waves and Reports

Friday October 29, 8pm

Los Angeles – Hotel Cafe, 1623 N. Cahuenga Blvd

New Bum Creek LP on Chapter!

September 28th, 2010



AL is the debuttocks ALbum by gonzoid Canberra immigrants Bum Creek. Relocating to Melbourne from their hometown a few years back, Sam Karmel, Trevelyan Clay and Tarquin Manek have made a reputation for themselves as one of the strangest, stupidest and most amazing live bands in town. They turn every show into a triumphant, lurching mess of synth squiggles, kraut percussion, confrontational stage antics and vocal gibberish.

The question, though, with this kind of performance-heavy, musically nonsensical behaviour, is always whether it can be translated into a listenable record. This has been answered by the somewhat surprising fact that, sequestered away in their own studio far from prying eyes, Bum Creek make amazing music.

Available on limited edition vinyl only, with a digital download card inserted into each copy, the largely improvised AL is sophisticated, wide-ranging and even subdued in places. The loping, only slightly spastic riff of Bollywood is as close to a pop song as the band will probably ever get, while the drifting vocal monologue of Weird Prince is alternately hilarious and haunting. Across its six extended tracks, AL hints at the bandmembers’ rich and varied musical backgrounds, which range from minimal techno prodution to free jazz.

This Bum Creek tension between live dementia and musical smarts has not gone unnoticed. The band were chosen to support the Boredoms at the Melbourne International Arts Festival in October, and even gave guided “Art Walks” at the National Gallery of Victoria as part of the 2009 Melbourne International Jazz Festival.

Now with AL, Bum Creek are ready to leave their hometown and spread throughout the universe like a particularly infectious musical rash.


New Chapter release by Coolies!

September 3rd, 2010


OUT SEPTEMBER 27 on LP and CD – preorders available now!

In the beginning, there was South Auckland’s own the Coolies,
three teenage school chums Tina, Sjionel and Melissa playing the kind of racket that might have caused Johnny Rotten himself to spin in his grave, had he actually been dead (might as well have been).

Back then in the mid/late nineties, the Coolies’ punk/rock’n'roll/punk was inspired, it must be pointed out, by nobody…nobody at all. Nonetheless, their signature was a sweet and swinging rah-rah sound (a rah-Ramones/rah-Ronettes car-crash). That, and a burning teenage desire to actually burn things down…no fucking joke…statute of limitations.

The trio recorded a 10-song tape on a ghetto blaster…the tapes circulated Auckland’s oh-so-hip & scenester K Road and the Coolies built up a cult following amongst the crowd who were, er, not their peers at all. For a while, the band played support to virtually every decent touring band to come thru AK, and a bunch of terrible ones who deserve their fate languishing in obscurity… maybe caused a problem or two, who cares now.

Eventually they got it together to release a self titled 7”, with timeless fucking hits Madonnas the Bomb, Yr So 1960s, Go! Hot Metal and Pimpmobile. Also around the turn of the century Kill Rock Stars put a Coolies song on the Fields And Streams compilation which at the time was a big deal. So, not for the last time, the Coolies seized defeat from the jaws of victory & Melissa split.

The Coolies either took the first of many breaks or just couldn’t be fucked carrying on. In 2004ish, Tina & Sjionel recruited Fiona to “man” the drums…a real life drum machine. The Coolies ripped up the plans & returned with a fresh new sound for a new-era/new/no/wave?…Sj switched it up with synth and samples, Tina stuck with basic blitzkrieg guitar & blah blah lyrics.

With a new buzz, the Coolies set off to take on the world. Like lightning, they were releasing a self-titled album (produced by nobody), and touring NZ, Australia + America a bunch (bands played with: EraseErrata/TotalShutdown/ArielPink/Bobbyteens/Wives/MikaMiko/WeirdWar/ XBXRX/Coachwhips/Deerhoof, all that kinda stuff). Later, the trio put out a tour EP, Bless the Babies And the Mothers, which was well received in the SF region, or so they were told…oh and while in NYC the BJJ took their drummer away…Coolies implode/another hiatus/stop/start/ start/stop make your own rules.

Mid-decade the Coolies were on the verge of uncertainty, re-evaluating the situation. Is this horse dead??…quite possibly…Sjionel and Tina wanted to take it back to their original reason for playing…fun and trouble…so they decided to recruit legend mate and drummer Stefan (of Pumice un-fame: ps he’s released over 20+ records in different bands over the years, he is the underground!!!)

First show playing with Stefan was at Sjionel’s house with Calvin Johnson to a bunch of indies and after that they knew two things: one, Calvin Johnson is a jabbering nutbar, and two: this reinvigorated line-up was the perfecto scenario band-wise…new/old attitude to music/under- ground noise staple/post punk/oioioi like a Shangrilas and Crass tea party. Finally the songs that they always wanted to write were writing themselves and the Coolies were excited to play kinda like the anti-sound…old/new…cliché, good/bad, whatever/who cares stop/start again.

That was four years ago. So this album Master is a collection of the first four years. Raw, lo-fi, annoying, brilliant, monumental, totally necessary, nothing to do with anything, what u always hoped would never happen, what u never hoped could always happen, the end of music, the begining of the future, set in the past, god sent, Richard Dawkins, birthday party, inhouse joke, our life in your hands, our hands on our hearts…An accumulation of recordings, recorded and mixed etc by Stefan Neville reel to reel at random places around Auckland….mastered by Rachel Shearer (Lovely Midget) and loved by all…

Pikelet/Richard In Your Mind co-headline tour

August 24th, 2010



September/October 2010

They’ve both put out second albums this year, both won heady praise and adulation around the nation for their musical brilliance, and now Melbourne’s Pikelet and Sydney’s Richard In Your Mind join forces for a national co-headline tour of earthshaking incredible-ness.

The wildly eclectic, patently amazing and ridiculously entertaining Richard In Your Mind are still a little puffed up from all the plaudits heaped on My Volcano, which earned albums of the week around the nation and handsome Triple J rotation on its release in June. They smashed a national launch tour in July and are now slavering to get back on the road.

Meanwhile Melbourne’s dazzling, incomparable Pikelet have enjoyed a similarly meteoric trajectory with Stem, which was released to the sound of a million jaws dropping back in February. Flogged by community radio and Triple J alike, and showered in critical superlatives, Stem hit the spot and kept hitting it until a thrilling musical climax echoed across the land.

Separately they were unstoppable, but together Richard In Your Mind and Pikelet are INDESTRUCTIBLE.



Friday Sep 17

The National Hotel

tickets $12+bf from / 1300 438 849

or $15 on the door if still available


Saturday Sep 18

Curtin Bandroom

tickets $12+bf from / 1300 438 849

or $15 on the door if still available


Friday Sep 24


$15 on the door – door sales only


Saturday Sep 25

The Gaelic Club

tickets $12+bf from / 1300 438 849

or $15 on the door if still available


Sunday Sep 26

Gearins Hotel

tickets $12+bf from / 1300 438 849

or $15 on the door if still available


Thursday Sep 30

Spotted Cow

free entry

Gold Coast

Friday Oct 1

Coolangatta Hotel

tickets $12+bf from and

or $15 on the door if still available


Saturday Oct 2

The Clubhouse

tickets $12+bf from / 1300 438 849

or $15 on the door if still available

Fabulous Diamonds Tour Update

July 30th, 2010


“Fabulous Diamonds showed they can match the intensity of their recorded work” – album launch review, Inpress

“Often accused of pretension, you wouldn’t find two more frank and realistic people who, although utterly incompatible, are entirely well-matched” – West Australian

Fabulous Diamonds’ launch tour for compelling new album Fabulous Diamonds II is well and truly underway, with warmly-received Melbourne and Sydney shows already under their belt.

The Perth show is coming up this weekend, but there are slight changes further ahead – the Hobart date has been moved to September, and crazy Chapter Music freakazoids Bum Creek have been added to the Adelaide bill. Fabulous Diamonds have also been announced as one of the acts at Frankly, Brisbane Festival’s one day mini music fest, alongside the likes of Xiu Xiu, High Places and Crayon Fields. See all the details below!

Recorded by Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s Mikey Young, Fabulous Diamonds II is one of the year’s most intriguing albums, and their live shows take transcendental grumpy hypno-pop to a whole new level!!




Saturday July 31

The Bird (181 William St, Perth)

with Melted Desert Trio and Desperate House

tickets $12 presale from

$15 on the door


Saturday August 7

The Metro (46 Grote St, Adelaide)

with Bum Creek, Fair Maiden and Bad Habit

tickets $10 on the door


Friday September 3

Burst City (69 Grey St, South Brisbane)

with Blank Realm, Slug Guts, the Deadnotes and Feathers

tickets $10 on the door


Saturday September 4, 12.30pm

Brisbane Powerhouse (119 Lamington St, New Farm)

with Xiu Xiu (US), High Places (US), Crayon Fields, Surf City (NZ) and Guy Blackman

tickets $49 from


Friday September 10

The Brisbane Hotel (3 Brisbane St, Hobart)

with supports to be announced

tickets $10 on the door

Another new Chapter release – Tully!

June 17th, 2010


“Doyens of the Sydney underground/progressive scene in the late 60’s and early 70s” – Milesago

Chapter Music presents two rare live recordings from quintessential Sydney prog group Tully, including their 1970 performance of Australia’s first ever rock opera. These recordings capture the band in their first incarnation, before they joined forces with members of revered folk-psych band Extradition to explore more contemplative territory.

Formed in late 1968, Tully the First were wild, expansive and unpredictable, their live shows now the stuff of legend. Terry Wilson (vocals), Richard Lockwood (reeds), Michael Carlos (organ), John Blake (bass) and Robert Taylor (drums) employed extended improvisation, spacious dynamics and an intuitive intensity, so impressing Australian jazz icon John Sangster that he called them “the best band in the world at the time.”

In mid 69, Tully became the house band for love-rock musical Hair, recording the original cast album later that year. They also starred in a six part live-in-studio series Fusions, which premiered on ABC TV in August 1969. Sights & Sounds Of 69, from a May show of the same name, is the only live Tully recording to have survived the intervening four decades, and documents a typically far-ranging, mind-expanding performance. Ken Firth (later of the Ferrets) replaced John Blake on bass in December 1969.

Perhaps Australia’s greatest living composer, Peter Sculthorpe wrote Love 200 specifically with Tully and vocalist Jeannie Lewis in mind. The work, commemorating Captain Cook’s expedition to map the Transit of Venus in 1769, was dismissed by the stuffy classcial establishment at the time, but Sculthorpe now calls it simply “one of my best works.” Heard here for the first time since the early 70s, Love 200 is an astounding piece, both elegant and jarring, serene and chaotic.

After Tully’s 1970 self-titled debut, Wilson and Taylor left the band, which then assimilated Extradition’s Shayna Stewart and Colin Campbell before releasing two more albums, Sea Of Joy (1971) and Loving Is Hard (1972), both markedly different from their fiery and often thunderous early form. Sadly, all three of Tully’s studio albums are still to be officially reissued.

Until then, Live at Sydney Town Hall 1969-70 is a fascinating insight into the early work of one of Australia’s most heralded, but least heard bands.

You can hear excerpts of Love 200 and Sights & Sounds of 69 at Tully’s band new Myspace site:

New Chapter release – Danny & the Parkins Sisters!

June 15th, 2010

CH68 Danny RGB Lo


Danny & the Parkins Sisters were a truly singular blend of irritating, grating, interesting and meaningful.” – Bruno DeSmartass, Flipper

Chapter Music is proud to resurrect from undeserved obscurity the scratchy beatnik art-punk stylings of early 80s San Francisco trio Danny & the Parkins Sisters. Surrounded by the classic SF punk sounds of the Dead Kennedys, Pink Section and Flipper, Danny & the Parkins Sisters opted instead to head in a very different direction.

Brash Arizona transplant Danny Vinik and chic, alluring sisters Debra and Beverly Parkins strummed on detuned guitars, banged on whatever was close at hand, and declaimed hilarious, incisive lyrics dissecting the scenes and tribes around them in visceral early 80s San Francisco. Their high-performance shows played out in legendary venues such as the Sound Of Music and Club Generic, with guests including Dead Kennedys drummer DH Peligro.

In 1982, the band released a 8 song mini album on the Modern Masters label, run by Richard Kelly of the cabaret collective Club Foot Orchestra. It included the all-time shoulda-beena classic, War Is On Your Doorstep, a pounding tribal punk chant that sums up all the paranoia and posturing of the post-punk era.

By 1983 the band were over, with Danny heading to South America and the Parkins sisters to New York, but their brief SF moment shone with a peculiar, musically naive but still knowing charm.

Fans of angular post-punk luminaries like the Bush Tetras, the Raincoats or Y Pants will love this CD, which comes filled with bonus demo, live and rehearsal recordings.

You can hear some of the tracks at the band’s new Myspace profile.

Fabulous Diamonds – Album launch tour dates

May 27th, 2010


With their second album Fabulous Diamonds II out on Chapter Music on June 19, Fabulous Diamonds are setting off around the countryside to bring their lurching, reverb-heavy but still somehow sensually alluring sound to your capital city.

A few weeks short of its physical release, the record has already been enthusiastically received in the digital blogosphere. “Without question the most exhilirating, immediate thing these two have done so far,” trumpeted Gorilla Vs Bear, while The Fader opined “check them out now before the hopeful frenzy.”

Below is a list of each upcoming opportunity you have to check them out, although the frenzy has actually already begun. Recorded by Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s Mikey Young, Fabulous Diamonds II is one of the year’s most intriguing albums, and their live shows take transcendental grumpy hypno-pop to a whole new level!!



Saturday July 17

The Toff In Town (Level 2, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne)

with Geoffrey O’Connor and Bum Creek

tickets $12 on the door


Friday July 23

Spectrum (34 Oxford St, Darlinghurst)

with Naked On the Vague and Southern Comfort

tickets $12 on the door


Saturday July 31

The Bird (181 William St, Perth)

with Melted Desert Trio and Desperate House

tickets $12 presale from

$15 on the door


Saturday August 7

The Metro (46 Grote St, Adelaide)

with Bum Creek, Fair Maiden and Bad Habit

tickets $10 on the door


Friday August 20

The Brisbane Hotel (3 Brisbane St, Hobart)

supports and ticket info to be announced


Friday September 3

Burst City (69 Grey St, South Brisbane)

with Blank Realm, Slug Guts, the Deadnotes and Feathers

tickets $10 on the door

New Fabulous Diamonds album out soon on Chapter

May 12th, 2010


Chapter Music is excited to be releasing the second album by Melbourne duo Fabulous Diamonds, entitled Fabulous Diamonds II by Fabulous Diamonds, on June 19.

Drummer/vocalist Nisa Venerosa and keyboardist Jarrod Zlatic are a weird pair. They make overtly hypnotic music, full of lulling, sensual repetition, but there’s also an edge of irritation, an undercurrent of friction that cuts through the drone and propels the songs forward.

Fabulous Diamonds II by Fabulous Diamonds begins with Nisa yelling at Jarrod as he counts in the first track, but they still start together in perfect unison. It’s this combination of tension and intuitive understanding that makes Fabulous Diamonds so special.

They’ve been playing and arguing together for more than five years now, and their musical bond has grown deeper and more expansive since their 2008 debut Fabulous Diamonds. That album made it into revered UK mag The Wire’s top albums of the year, and got glowing reviews from the likes of Pitchfork and The Fader.

But this new record is still a remarkable development. Of its five untitled tracks, two extend well past the ten minute mark, sustaining a kind of grumpy intensity that never lags.

The album was recorded with budding producer Mikey Young of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, and was mastered by Qua’s Cornel Wilczek. Like their first album, it will be released on vinyl by venerable US label Siltbreeze, home to releases by the likes of Pink Reason, Times New Viking and Psychedelic Horseshit.

Fabulous Diamonds toured the US in 2008 with the latter two bands, playing 26 dates in one month. In 2009 they were invited to perform at Belgium’s Kraak Festival alongside Wavves, Kurt Vile and others. They also played in the UK, Holland, France, Switzerland Portugal and Sweden on their 2009 European tour.

In Australia, the band have played with Deerhunter, Yeasayer, the Horrors, Akron Family, Beach House and many more.

Fabulous Diamonds II by Fabulous Diamonds is out on Chapter Music on June 19. Watch this space!

You can also check out a track from the new FDs album on the Chapter Music myspace page now!

Stem CD available now through the Chapter webstore!

April 27th, 2010

CH73PikeletSMLPikelet’s amazing second album Stem, a split release between Chapter Music and Love+Mercy Records, is finally available for mailorder through the Chapter webstore. It’s only $25 including postage worldwide!