Alice EP


Released November 2012 (CH104)


Much-loved Melbourne guitar slingers Dick Diver return with Alice, the first song off their second album, provisionally entitled Calendar Days, which is due for release on Chapter Music in 2013. This comes after celebrated 2011 debut album New Start Again and 2009 EP Arks Up.

Alice sees the band in classic full-tilt pop mode, the two Alistairs (guitarist Al McKay and bassist Al Montfort) sharing laconic vocals and trading choruses until other guitarist Rupert Edwards bursts in with some awesome shredding to finish the song.

In and of itself, Alice is pure Dick Diver gold, a very encouraging taste of the album to come, but that’s not all the band have in store for you. They have also assembled a nifty 5 song digital EP to accompany Alice, available for cheap from the band’s own Bandcamp as well as the usual iTunes, Spotify etc.

Alice is accompanied by previously unreleased Dick Diver gems Future Self 1 (the precursor to Future Self 2, which appeared on New Start Again), the swaggering Michael Jackson, a great wonky cover of Mum Smokes’ 1949, and an acoustic version of classic Walk For Room, the opening track from the band’s 2009 EP Arks Up.

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Calendar Days vinyl LP – OVERSEAS CUSTOMERS

By   Released March 2013

Much-loved Melbourne guitar slingers Dick Diver return with second album Calendar Days, the follow-up to 2011 debut New Start Again.
Previously known for their scratchy, dueling guitars and laconic delivery, Dick Diver throw a few curveballs on Calendar Days. The first sound you hear on the record is the tick of [...]

($35.00 AUD inc. postage)

New Dick Diver single “Water Damage”

Check out the new Dick Diver single Water Damage, premiered yesterday on Gorilla Vs Bear!
Much-loved Melbourne guitar slingers Dick Diver return with second album Calendar Days in March this year, the follow-up to 2011 debut New Start Again.
In the lead-up here is new track Water Damage, the second single to be released from the album [...]

Dick Diver Arks Up single+CDEP

By   Released November 2009

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Dick Diver

Melbourne deep pop thinkers Dick Diver have triumphed in 2013 with second album Calendar Days, the follow-up to 2011 debut New Start Again.
Warm, wide and inviting, Calendar Days is a magnificent Australian pop album, hailed as one of the year’s finest to date.
The album’s success has seen the band shine at Golden Plains [...]