Cruising + Gross Odour 7 inch


Released April 2006 (CH53)

Cruising + Gross OdourNine songs recorded on cassette four track with Lakes’ Sean Bailey. Here’s what Matmos’ Drew Daniel had to say about Always in his review for Pitchfork:

“The googly eyes, nude photos, and hand-drawn rainbow crayon squiggles that adorn the cover of this beguiling artifact point in several directions at once: outsider art, gay rainbow flag, childhood diary, amateur porn. Always is a guy named Alex Vivian making ‘extreme lo-fi’ acapella that stands poised on a lonely 4-track precipice, with just a microphone and some footstomping to keep him company…Simple, powerful, and very odd.”

($12.00 AUD inc. postage)

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Alex Vivian is Always, a confronting and brutal boy genius who began his solo musical career sometime in 2003 under the name Viviano, before opting for a more universal moniker a year later.
Although his performances have become more abstract in recent years, at the time of Cruising + Gross Odour Always was known for his menacing acapella [...]