Sick/C**t 7″


Released August 2012 (CH95)

CH95 Prim Calcs MID


Only 33 years after their iconic 1979 debut single I Can’t Stop It b/w Do That Dance, Melbourne’s synth-punk snarlers Primitive Calculators are releasing their next seven inch single of new material.

Having reformed in 2009 at the invitation of the Nick Cave- curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, Primitive Calculators are making up for 30 years of lost time, working on their debut studio album to be released in early 2013.

Since ATP, Primitive Calculators have toured the nation with Lightning Bolt, performed at Old Melbourne Gaol for Melbourne Music Week, played with Psychic TV and had their vaults plun- dered by Canadian label Sweet Rot for an archival vinyl single. You can also expect vinyl reissues of the live album and first single by French label Desire in early 2013.

Now, however, Primitive Calculators are excited to release their first new studio efforts since a brief reunion in 1986. Sick Of Myself is a new song expressing all the self-loathing involved in being in a 50-something synth-punk, whille the charmingly-titled Cunt Life is a 1977 classic originally performed by pre-PCs band the Moths, now finally recorded for posterity. These tracks were recorded by famed Melbourne personality Julian Wu, then mixed and mastered by Casey Rice.

For many years, Primitive Calculators’ sizeable legend thrived on their self-released 1979 single, a posthumous live album released in the early 80s, and their involvement in Richard Lowenstein’s 1986 film Dogs In Space, starring INXS’ Michael Hutchence. Primitive Calculators reformed for the film (based on the Little Bands scene they created in the late 70s), appearing in several scenes and recording bleak stomper Pumping Ugly Muscle for the soundtrack. The track was also released as a now very rare 12” single.

Chapter Music reissued their landmark 1979 live recordings in 2004, then followed up with Primitive Calculators And Friends in 2007, a compilation including the first single, the 1979 Little Bands EP and a host of bonus obscurities.

Now that the band is active again, Sick/Cunt is an impressive, harshly hilarious signpost along the way to a new studio album due in early 2013 – their first ever!


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