Snowy Room CD


Released February 2002 (CH40)

Snowy Room was recorded by Nicole, Julian and Robin Schmidt, in a working process similar to the cut and paste of the Beach Boys Smile . Nicole and Julian recorded many small segments of music, with no idea how they were going to be eventually pieced together.

More than a year later, Robin handed them Snowy Room as a finished product. Their bite-sized ideas had been transformed into a beautiful, coherent album. Featuring the cut-up electro pop masterpiece Leafy Shoe, the lazy and pensive Sometimes Awa and a series of engaging analogue synth sound collages. With only one minute long addition newly recorded to introduce the CD, Snowy Room is a magical collaboration between two electronic whizkids and a mysterious auteur producer. In one of the most attractively designed covers you’re ever likely to see, Snowy Room exudes a cool, autumn charm.

($15.00 AUD inc. postage)